4 Simple Tips to Ensure Steady Sales as A Startup in A Very Competitive Market

Whenever we want to buy stuff (whether online or offline), we face various brands competing to get our attention, each one telling us why we should pick their product or service over their competitors’.

Your startup experiences this same situation too. Your prospects have the option to either buy from you or your competitors. So how can you make your products the first choice in the minds of your customers, in spite of those giant competitors around you?

Get little closer and I will share four simple tips that would help your startup standout, even in the midst of giant competitors...continue reading


If you were a startup entrepreneur, I’m quite sure you would know what it means to face challenges with sales in a new business.

You already had great and inspiring dreams before starting up. Maybe you even heard several testimonies from other successful entrepreneurs, and you got inspired to startup your own. But now you're in a situation where you’re expecting customers to turn up as you expected, but you have few or no one showing up.

So why is all these happening? Here are three very possible reasons:...continue reading


4 Convincing Signs That Your Startup Is Near Sales Breakthrough

How close do you think your startup is to great sales? How well are your marketing and sales efforts working? When is your startup going to become one of those topmost companies in your industry?

You probably wanted to get these questions answered before you got to this post. The good news is yes, you’ll get answers before you leave.

In this piece, I’ll be sharing four convincing signs that your startup is really getting close to sales success...continue reading


3 Hot and Simple Tips to Make Your Startup’s Sales Better

If you’ve been facing difficulties with sales, this piece is going to help you out.

Perhaps you’ve tried every sales technique you came across, but it’s like all have just not been working!

Maybe you even got testimonials from people who used a particular sales method; you believed them and decided to apply the same to your startup – but it’s just it just like no one wants to tell you the true source of their income...continue reading


This Is How You Should Use Blogging to Tow Sales for Your Startup

This Post will help you magnetize sales with your business blog.

How should you use a blog for your new business? You might have done quite a lot of research, trying to get the right way, so you probably have a whole lot of answers right now.

Blogging, as you may have known, is a very powerful tool for every online business today. Even offline entrepreneurs now use blogging to generate sales  too.

However, there are right and wrong ways to everything we do. Blogging can be a very powerful tool, yet, if you use wrongly, it would seem like it’s not what people say it is...continue reading


LinkedIn for Startups: a Powerful Exposure to Great Sales

LinkedIn is known throughout the whole world today for connecting sellers of goods or services with their respective buyers. Whether or not you run your business online – you can always make use of LinkedIn to increase sales.

Recent data has shown that LinkedIn has over 150 million active users from more than 200 countries, and I’d like you to know that your customers are also in the midst of these 150 million people...continue reading


6 Ways to Successfully Sabotage Your Sales at Startup

Starting up a business is a very exciting decision to make in one’s life – you already have your mission and vision, and every moment you remember that you really are starting your own company, excitement runs through your mind and you can’t just wait to get your product or service out there...continue reading


4 Simple Sales Tips Your Startup can’t do without

It’s important for you, as a startup, to know that no matter how your products or services solve problems, customers won’t buy until you reach out to them, and also make them know that you have solutions.

You need to understand that other competitors in your industry are also trying to get the attention of the same people you are targeting – for this reason, you need to spend time and resources in making your products or services known to those who need them...continue reading


 5 Sales Factors to Always Consider When Fixing Prices for Products at Startup

Fixing prices for products is one of the most important things to consider at the preliminary stage of every business. The prices you fix for your products are enough reasons for customers to either buy from you or refuse to buy from you.

However, if your products are good enough and your prices are worth the quality, customers are ready to buy – they are ready to pay a price that equals the quality they derive...continue reading